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The Advantages of Using Sleep Apnea Devices

A common type of sleep apnea actually happens when the soft tissue in the back of our throat will block the airway and then results in more frequent breathing interruptions. It is actually called the obstructive sleep apnea or OSA. moderate to severe sleep apnea could in fact increase the chances of a person getting a stroke, heart attack, and other complications. Another thing is that daytime sleepiness due to sleep apnea could easily interfere with concentration and will increase the risk of causing accidents.

Sleep apnea is usually being treated with continuous positive airway pressure or the CPAP machine. This mostly involves the use of a mask that will fit over the mouth and nose while a person sleeps. Based on a study made, about half of the people that use CPAP machines don’t usually last long on its use. This is either due to the discomfort or because it doesn’t help with their symptoms.

For the mild sleep apnea, there are other options that are available, which include changes in lifestyle or the use of sleep apnea devices. Such devices are in fact very helpful for the person who needs it.

CPAP machines in fact are not really very effective. Some people actually see the use of masks and hose attachments to be difficult to sleep. This is why some companies today have introduced sleep apnea devices that offer the same benefits from the OSA treatments and also have fewer parts present. Asleep apnea devices are in fact designed in order to help remedy such problems.

Some of the advantages that sleep apnea devices have are:

Noise is Greatly Reduced

The traditional CPAP actually works with a mask that is attached to a machine with a hose. Sleep apnea devices are however not attached to a machine and it also makes less noise while you try sleeping. Many people in fact say that it’s as effective when it comes to treating sleep apnea than the traditional methods.

Sleep Disruptions are Fewer

When you are connected to the CPAP machine, this would make this difficult for you to move around when you sleep. There’s a high chance that you may wake up several times due to the discomfort. Because micro-CPAP does not have a cord, it causes fewer sleep disruptions.

Snoring is Decreased a Lot

Manufacturers of sleep apnea devices are actually cordless and it does not have a mask. Sleep apnea devices in fact help to eliminate snoring. You just attach the device to your nose and keep them in place while it will create the pressure on your airways. But, there’s more study required when it comes to the decreased snoring or its complete elimination.

There are actually some people who find that sleep apnea devices are a lot more comfortable to use and can be adjusted easily for sleep apnea treatment. It’s also a valid treatment plan for those who have mild sleep apnea. It’s likewise less invasive compared to oral surgeries.

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